The best cafés to work from in Madrid

Nowadays the rise of remote working means it is very common to see people working at cafes, having meetings or enjoying a nice cup of coffee while reading up on the web. This is why we have decided to put the spotlight on some of our favorite cafés in Madrid to get your work day going. 


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Located in the Salamanca neighborhood we find ourselves at Livanda. A spacious and very illuminated café with a modern décor that includes plenty of tables, furniture and a wonderful side terrace. There’s free Wi-Fi for customers making it easy and comfortable to work at or have meetings. Catching up with friends over a nice cup of coffee is also a great thing to do here.

Here you can find options ranging from delicious coffee, fresh bread and croissants, as well as fresh juices and green smoothies. One of our favorites to order is the avocado toast with a cappuccino. Livanda is definitely a good option if you’re in the neighborhood.

Calle de Hermosilla, 84



cafe, workplace, coworking


In the heart of the hip Malasaña neighborhood you can find this quiet, warm and cozy coffee shop. Where they serve the best Flat White we’ve ever had, not to mention the chocolate croissants and the cookies (if you have a sweet tooth).

If you’re a bagel lover you’re going to enjoy their various options from the classic cream cheese and jam, to smoked salmon, bacon and even a famous Kat’z Deli New York inspired pastrami bagel. Truly makes our mouths water just by thinking of them. Don’t miss out!

Calle de Apodaca, 10



cafe, workplace, coworking


Harina has four locations to choose from but our favorite is near the city center in the lively Chueca neighborhood. Harina boasts amazing pastries and quiches to enjoy on site as well as a picnic basket that you can order to go.

Its layout is perfect to work alone or in pairs, its spacious and cozy interior fosters concentration and relaxation. You can order a 6 pack box of sweets or salted snacks to enjoy while you work. Don’t forget to try the carrot cake or the apple pie.

Calle de Augusto Figueroa, 2



cafe, coffee shop, workplace,coworking 


With an accommodating environment, you will definitely enjoy working remotely from Manolo Bakes. Comfy seating, good lighting and a good cup of coffee is all you need to start your work day. They’ve got quite a few locations to choose from.

Well-known for their famous Manolitos, at Manolo Bakes you can have them either sweet or savoury: drizzled in chocolate or filled with salmon and dill, chicken and avocado or more. Imagine yourself enjoying these tasty bites, while you sip on the coffee of your choice and get your head down to get some work done.

Calle de Conde de Peñalver, 68



cafe, coffee shop, workplace


Locally owned by an Asian family, HanSo, a specialty coffee shop is located in the Malasaña neighborhood. It’s menu is quite distinctive in Madrid as everything on it is Asian inspired. Known for their green cups of matcha latte and fine Asian bakery, this is a cafe that stands out from the crowd.

A little bit on the hipster side, with a mix of modern industrial style, vintage flair, and an obvious Asian style, working from HanSo is a very satisfying experience. There’s free Wi-Fi as well as a large shared table for groups or individual tables to work at. Everything’s set for you to thrive here, in the hippest of surroundings! 

Calle del Pez, 20


Enjoy your work in some of Madrid’s most comfortable surroundings. And if you’re in town to visit, don’t forget to take a look at our Segway Tours, like our Retiro Park and museums Segway Tour.

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