The best co-working spaces in Madrid

Top 7 co-working spaces in Madrid

Madrid receives visitors with very different profiles. You may want to get to know the city from a tourist point of view, but maybe you need a place to work for a few hours or some days. You may have to attend a conference or a business meeting in Madrid and need a space to work during your business trip. Or maybe you are living in the capital and want to settle in a place where innovation, creativity and collaborative work are promoted.

You’re lucky. Today we will show you the best co-working spaces in Madrid so that you can choose which is the perfect one that fits your work needs.

Where to find a co-working place in Madrid?

1. Campus Madrid

This Google project made Madrid the first city in Spain with a co-working space of the Internet giant. It is located in a historic building on Moreno Nieto Street and it opens from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

In Campus Madrid there are work zones for entrepreneurs and independent professionals and there are also private areas for residents. Access to the Campus Café is free, you only need to register on the website. In addition, you have a lot of events and activities and different programs at your disposal.

2. Freeland Innovation Center

Workplace for companies, freelancers and startups, Freeland (Gandia Street, 1 Local 9A) becomes that creative environment where ideas are born and projects come to life.

Freeland Innovation Center has several pricing plans depending on the needs of each user and budgets. It offers a basic plan of 45 euros per month, another for a fixed position for 195 euros per month, a nomadic location for 95 euros, a plan for teams from 330 euros per month and offices for 450 euros per month.

3. The Shed Coworking

With an inspiring aesthetic, The Shed Coworking (Hermosilla Street, 48 1st floor) welcomes those workers who want to grow in a productive environment. It offers different types of spaces, with flexible, fixed positions or private offices.

Besides, it has rooms for meetings, events or training and organizes its own workshops and courses to promote learning.

Its wide variety of rates makes it easier for each professional to find the solution that best suits their specific situation, from 180 euros for a flexible position (from 9.00 to 20.00 hours), 250 euros for a fixed one (24/7), from 550 euros for private offices or 18 euros for renting a room for one hour.

4. Utopic_US

Utopic_US is a collaborative work environment with a wide variety of services that range from open or private workspaces to meeting rooms, tax advice, events, courses … It also has its own training school.

If you are looking for co-working spaces in Madrid center, Utopic_US is a fantastic choice. It has 3,000 square meters spread over three locations:

  • In Duque de Rivas Street, 5, with rates from 15 euros a day up to 230 euros a month.
  • The Co-working of Conde de Casal, designed by Izaskun Chinchilla, with similar prices depending on your work needs.
  • Madrid Colegiata: a third co-working location with offices from one to 20 positions and an area for events, among other services.

5. Impact Hub

Impact Hub has four co-working spaces in Madrid, so you can work with all the services comfortably. You will find them in:

  • Hub Alameda: Alameda Street, 22. 1,700 square meters with a central yard so co-workers can chat and share experiences. It has rooms for meetings and events, fixed and flexible positions, and offices.
  • Impact Hub Governor: Gobernador Street, 26. Five minutes from Atocha and located in an old garage with 300 square meters diaphanous.
  • Impact Hub Piamonte: Piamonte Street, 23. A total of 5,000 square meters spread over five floors.
  • Impact Hub Barceló: this co-working space will open in the fall of 2018, in the neighborhood of La Justicia, on Serrano Anguita Street, 13.

6. La Nave

La Nave is located, as its name indicates, in an old ship in the center of Madrid (Don Quijote Street, 1). This car workshop was converted into a center for design where people could share experiences and knowledge.

It offers workspaces in the area of ​central offices (180 euros per month), on the first floor (250 euros per month) or private offices (for up to 500 euros per month). In La Nave each professional can work independently but with that physical closeness that allows the cooperation and support of other co-workers.

7. BeeLab

Learning, networking, working, preparing meetings, attending courses… BeeLab is a co-working space in the heart of Madrid ( Asunción Castell Street, 5) where professionals, entrepreneurs and companies can find their workplace in the Spanish capital.

It has different rates that can range from 110 euros per month for a work area in the open area, 195 euros per month for fixed positions or a bonus of 10 days for flexible positions for 75 euros per month.

And up to here our selection of the best co-working spaces in Madrid, environments where collaboration and project development are encouraged.

It does not matter if you are passing through our city or if you live here and need a place to develop your projects. All these co-working spaces in Madrid will adapt to your circumstances and needs. Give free rein to your creativity in a pleasant and collaborative environment. Ideas will flow and you will meet interesting people. It all adds up!


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