The Best English Language Cinemas in Madrid

There’s nothing quite like catching your favourite new movie in a great cinema. Even if you’re on vacation, there may be a rainy night that offers you the perfect chance to enjoy a night out at the movies.

If you are looking for an English-language cinema in Madrid, though, you need to do your research – you don’t want to spoil your movie night with a dubbed version that you won’t understand!

The Best English-Language Cinemas in Madrid

Here’s a look at the very best English-language and ‘original version’ cinemas in Madrid and where you can find each of them.

1. Renior Retiro

This is one of the highest-rated cinemas in Madrid. The cinema makes it simple to purchase your tickets online and pick your seats, too, which is a nice choice. Most importantly, the cinema offers VOSE versions so you can catch the latest flicks in English.

It’s also fairly close to the famous Retiro Park. You could make an evening of it and stroll (or segway) around the park’s atmospheric avenues before visiting the cinema!

2. Renoir Plaza España

Another Renoir cinema, this one is found at the Plaza España so it offers a little more of a central location if you are staying closer to the center. This cinema also gives you some nice alternative movie times to the other Renoir cinemas, too, giving you lots of flexibility.

3. Renoir Retiro

This is the highest-rated of all the Renoir cinemas on this list, so they must be doing something right! There are lots of snack options and quality screens on offer, too, helping you to catch a great version of the latest movies.

4. Cines Verdi

You will find a range of the latest movies on display here and it also offers a wider range than some of the other cinemas – with a better selection of smaller independent flicks that you can’t find so easily elsewhere. If you are looking for less mainstream and more indie, you might be better covered by this cinema.

5. Renoir Cines Princesa

Another Renoir cinema! As you can see, they have quite the reach in Madrid. This means that you have more options in terms of movies and times, though, so that’s only a good thing. You will find that this cinema is just as comfortable and equipped as the other Renoir cinemas.

6. Cines Golem

This movie gives you another range of options and you’ll be sure to find some more original and unique movies here. The cinema is adored for its more indie feel and its low prices – it’s one of the cheapest cinemas in the city if you are on a budget.

7. Cine Estudio Círculo de Bellas Artes

Do you prefer a unique foreign film to a blockbuster experience? This is the cinema for you. You will find that there are a huge range of classic and foreign films on offer here, all in their original language. If you want to rediscover a classic or broaden your cinema horizons, this is the cinema for you.

8. Yelmo Cines Ideal 3D

This is a smaller cinema that offers a nice and clean experience. The theaters themselves are bigger than most in terms of size and you will find a blend of mainstream and independent movies. The sweet salty popcorn is the perfect partner for any movie, too!

9. Cines Zoco Majadahonda

The screens are somewhat smaller here, but you will find that there are a range of interesting films on offer in their original version. The owners also manage to give this place a more personal touch compared to the other larger cinemas in the city – great if you appreciate warm service.

Where to find the latest films in English in Madrid

Finding the best English-language cinema in Madrid in one thing but you’ll also want to find the latest film schedules! Here are a few of the places where you can look at the latest releases and find the perfect movie:

  • Check the websites: Each cinema does a great job of regularly updating its listings so you should be sure to visit each website in advance to check the schedules.
  • Or Google it: That said, Madrid’s cinemas also work very well with Google’s “showtimes” feature. If you simply search for “cinema times Madrid” you will get a nice list of films and cinemas to choose from that should be accurate.

How to get the most from your cinema night

Here are just a few tips that can help you to get the most from your trip to an English-language cinema in Madrid:

  • VO details: Make sure to look for the “VO”, “VOS”, or “VOSE” markings – these mean that a movie is being shown in its original version.
  • Pricing: Look into the pricing options on offer – you might find that there are special prices if you are visiting with another person.
  • Discount days: The Yelmo range of cinemas offer discounts on Wednesday – you will find lower prices on both movies and snacks. Other cinemas often do the same on other days.

Enjoy your time in Madrid!

We hope that you have a really amazing time in Madrid and enjoy your time at the movies! If you are ready to enjoy some experience outside the cinema, why not get to grips with Madrid during an exciting Segway tour? Learn more about our Madrid Segway tours today!

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