The Best Flea Markets in Madrid

What is it that flea markets have that makes them so popular? For us, it’s the excitement of finding something unique, maybe even something you’ve been looking for, a brilliant bargain, or simply falling in love with something you didn’t expect.

At Madrid Segway Tour we love markets as much as you do, so if you are from Madrid or are visiting the city and want to know about some of the best markets, here are the flea markets that we recommend in the city. Choose yours and get searching for something special!


Mercado de Motores

Inspired by the markets of London, the Mercado de Motores has become a must-see and cool meeting place. It is made up of around 30 booths for emerging designers, small merchants, online vendors and individuals, who sell varied items and second-hand objects and very appetizing gourmet products. There is also live music, food trucks, a beautiful terrace, workshops and a mini-train.

In this spectacular setting of an old train station, fashion, decoration, music, gastronomy and more unite on the second weekend of each month from 11:00 to 22:00 except in August. The visitor can find a whole world of second-hand fashion, furniture with creative designs or with a retro flavor, musical jewels in vinyl and other formats and even original refurbished bicycles. The Mercado de Motores is a good place for a family weekend since it has children’s activities and a “doggy” nursery for our best four-legged friends. 

Where: Museo del Ferrocarril. Paseo de las Delicias, 61


El Rastro de Madrid

El Rastro is the best-known street market in Madrid, with more than 400 years of history where you can find both everyday objects and curious gadgets, all wrapped up in a lively atmosphere. It was born around 1740 around the Matadero de la Villa as a semi-clandestine souk for the sale of used objects. Now it has formalised its existence from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the historic center of the city, in the popular neighborhood of La Latina. It is not only about the commercial activity itself, but about the atmosphere and also the snacks and street food that can be purchased there.

The market is located around the Ribera de Curtidores, a steep slope along which hundreds of stalls with the most varied objects for sale: potato peelers, furniture, films, used clothing and more. On the days of El Rastro in Madrid, this area is home to thousands of people who visit the market. The name of the market comes from the fact that the transfer of cattle from slaughterhouses to the tanneries left a trail of blood. This gruesome fact is what gave rise to the name of the famous Rastro market. 

Where: Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores


Mercado de las Ranas

The name of this market comes from the “Cantarranas” street, which was named that way, according to tradition, due to the large number of frogs that were there. In 1844 this street was renamed Lope de Vega. The Mercado de las Ranas is an open-door activity in which the commercial establishments of the Barrio de las Letras open their doors on the first Saturday of each month, bringing their wares to the street, and turning the neighborhood into an open market. This special market has several appointments a year focused on different themes around which a great variety of cultural, commercial and artistic activities take place for all ages.

In this market merchants come together in the area and put into practice original ideas to promote their products. You will find between 90 and 100 shops with uninterrupted hours and stalls set up in the street, in front of their shop windows. You will find all sorts for sale – from antiques to fashion, books, art, vintage, sports and gifts. And it’s not only about the stuff you can buy, you will also find a gastronomic, artistic and cultural offering that’s worth visiting for. It is promoted by the Merchant’s Association of el Barrio de las Letras and is celebrated on the first Saturday of each month (except August) in the streets of the neighborhoods.

Where: all accross the ‘Las Letras’ neighborhood


Adelita Market

The Malasaña neighborhood is the location where this initiative was born. It’s an event where any private person can participate by selling objects that they do not use, generating extra income. The philosophy of Adelita Market and the Adelita Association is to promote a sustainable use of products, prioritizing reuse and reducing waste while serving as an example that can be exported to other cities or neighborhoods.

Fill your cart, empty your house is the motto of this second-hand market that takes place on the third Saturday of each month. You can buy and sell at great prices or trade items. It is a market for individuals who have things in good condition that they do not use. New items and handicrafts are not allowed because it is about putting things already produced into circulation.

Where: Calle Espíritu Santo, 23


Rave Market

If you are looking for a different and original market, you will love this one. It is held one Sunday a month in Sala BUT in the Malasaña neighborhood, which opens their doors exceptionally during the day. The Rave Market is organized by a non-profit association that aims to promote recycling and the exchange of second-hand goods, “Because your things deserve a second chance” is their motto. It has become one of the coolest markets of the moment.

Bet on the alternative economy with a happy spirit and DJ sessions and also live music that make the ambiance vibrant. You will find about 40 varied stalls. The objective of this market is to promote another type of consumption away from current consumerism. Usually the Rave Market is celebrated once a month but during the summer they rest.

Where: Calle Barceló, 11

So, now you know, if you are looking for that perfect gift that you have not yet found in traditional stores, or a unique vintage treat , it is possible that you will find it in these amazing flea markets in Madrid. Don’t miss out on any of the selection and make sure to enjoy a Retiro Park & Museums Segway Tour if you want to see another side to Madrid’s history.

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