The 12 Best Tapas Restaurants in La Latina


La Latina is one of Madrid’s most famous neighborhoods. The lively barrio is one of the oldest and most lively in the city and visitors adore the luscious variety of beer, cocktails, and tapas that is on offer. Looking to sample some authentic Spanish tapas during your visit to Madrid? Here are the 12 best tapas restaurants in La Latina.

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Juana La Loca

Juana La Loca is undoubtedly one of the most iconic tapas bars in La Latina. The creative and inventive tapas bar offers a mouthwatering blend of pintxos that are complemented by a great wine list. First launching in 2001, the restaurant has gone from strength to strength thanks to its unrelenting focus on delighting all of the senses.

The decadent pintxos come in a variety of sizes. Be sure to visit on the weekend too, and you will be treated to fresh steamed mussels – a treat for the senses!

Found here: Plaza de Puerta de Moros, 4

Casa Lucas

Casa Lucas is another powerhouse in La Latina. It has received favorable reviews from customers and food critics alike, and it is regularly praised for its creative twist on classic tapas dishes. If you want to experience the next stage in tapas, you’ll love Casa Lucas where you can also enjoy a fresh wine or beer.

Casa Lucas - one of the best tapas restaurants in La Latina Madrid

The wine list is just as coherent as the menu and the interior has a fresh feel. The menu changes regularly so you will be sure to enjoy a unique culinary experience.

Found here: Calle de la Cava Baja, 30

La Musa Latina

La Musa Latina offers uninterrupted service from 1pm onwards until late. This makes the bright and spacious restaurant a hub for activity. A terrace means that you can also enjoy your meal while basking in glorious sunshine. You will find elaborate tapas dishes on offer here and you’ll love how fresh the ingredients are.

The Majorcan sobrasada and prawns are particularly delicious and they are complemented well by a variety of the wines that are on offer.

Found here: Costanilla de San Andrés, 12

La Martina

La Martina has thousands of rave reviews and it’s easy to see why. A pleasant atmosphere slinks throughout the entire establishment, where diners come together to enjoy tapas with a wide variety of drinks on offer. Specialties and chef’s suggestions keep things fresh, while a wide range of cocktails blend together natural fruits and distillates.

You will feel at home here and we also imagine that you won’t want to leave! Be sure to look out for the Vespa hanging above the bar – the decor is pretty unique!

Found here: Plaza Monte del Gozo, 2


Malacatin is a more traditional affair and you will be sure to see lots of locals enjoying a wide selection of tapas here. The restaurant has an amazing 120-year history and by now, its offering is incredible. You will be sure to fall in love with the tapas, wines, and desserts that are on offer here.

Malacatin - one of the best tapas restaurants in La Latina, Madrid

You can be part of a story stretching back to 1985 and experience a living, breathing part of Madrid’s history by eating here.

Found here: Calle de la Ruda, 5

Taberna El Buo

Taberna El Buo is one of the top-rated tapas bars in La Latina. Filled with life and character, you will enjoy dining in a calm and traditional atmosphere. If you want a local experience where you’ll find Madrid’s residents eating, this is where you’ll find it. This location is very popular thanks to its amazing kitchen and famous stuffed tortillas.

The range of choice is pretty amazing here and the portions are certainly generous. A terrace is on offer too, giving you sunlight while you enjoy your food.

Found here: Calle de Gravina, 4

El Viajero

El Viajero offers a more trendy and modern experience to Madrid’s visitors. There are a range of traditional tapas dishes on offer, as well as tried and tested crowd pleasers. If you want to blend in a drink with your tapas experience, you’ll find that there are a wide range of wines and cocktails on offer.

A rooftop bar makes this a special location too, and you will be sure to feel the electricity in the air if you decide to visit in the evening.

Found here: Plaza Cebada 11

Mercado de la Cebada

Marcado de la Cebada is a very lively market where you can enjoy a wide range of tapas. You will find lots of stalls and shops that specialize in one particular type of dish, making it easy for you to sample the very best! This location is also a must-see in terms of sightseeing – it has been a hub of activity since 1875!

Mercado de La Cebada - one of the best restaurants in La Latina Madrid

Back in the day, farmers from the surrounding areas used to travel here using horse and cart to sell their wares. There’s still a buzzing sense of activity here to this day.

Found here: Plaza de la Cebada

Casa Lucio

Casa Lucio is an important name in Madrid’s gastronomic landscape. From starters to desserts, the traditional tastes are driven home by a resolute focus on quality ingredients. Lucio has worked at the restaurant since he was 12 and he still owns the restaurant to this day, his quality running through everything here.

The restaurant is a little tucked away behind the main square and you can look forward to reasonable prices for unbeatable quality.

Found here: Calle de la Cava Baja, 35

El Tempranillo

El Tempranillo is a popular bar that has a formidable wine rack and amazing tapas. Exposed brickwork and wooden decor give a sense of warmth, and you’ll be sure to find a lot of locals eating here too. Renowned for its delicious tapas, this tavern offers a range of specialities like cold meats, foie gras, and warm dishes.

El Tempranillo - one of the best tapas restaurants in La Latina Madrid

The tavern is renowned for its fun atmosphere and friendly service. There’s a buzz in the air and the prices are reasonable – this is a tapas bar in Madrid that is definitely worth a visit!

Found here: Calle de la Cava Baja, 38

Taberna La Concha

Taberna La Concha has been open for just over 20 years and in that time, it has developed a strong offering of wines, beers, cavas, and – of course – tapas! The prices are reasonable and you’ll find a selection that certainly leaves you licking your lips. The smoked sardine is a common favorite, while the cured duck with orange is unmissable.

The menu is allergen friendly, too, which is a nice touch if you have specific dietary requirements. The small restaurant has a wonderful decor too.

Found here: Calle de la Cava Baja, 7

La Taberna Errante

La Taberna Errante is a little quieter than the other options on this list, given that it isn’t found right at the center of La Latina. The owners are very friendly and their food is adored by locals and visitors alike. The food is absolutely delicious and you’ll love the blend of salads and warm dishes that are on offer.

All of the products here are made using fresh ingredients and bountiful amounts of care and attention. This will be one of your favorite experiences in Madrid!

Found here: Carrera de San Francisco, 8

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Enjoy Your Tapas in Madrid!

We hope that this piece helps you to get the most from your tapas adventure in La Latina. As you can see, there are an incredible amount of restaurants waiting out there – we hope that you enjoy them all!

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