8 fantastic things to do as a group in Madrid in 2019

Things to do as a group in Madrid in 2019

Perhaps you have visited Madrid with your family or your partner. Nice and easy, deciding in minutes where to go, where to eat or what to see. And even if there is a disagreement, you can work it out in minutes, thanks to your good communication and affection for each other. But what happens when you must travel with a big group and everybody wants to do a different thing? Sometimes it’s difficult to deal with and please everyone. Do not worry, today we bring you a list of things to do as a group in Madrid this 2018, things you can enjoy with a group of friends, but also with your company and colleagues from work, who would greatly enjoy these activities! Keep reading because this post is for you!

Madrid is a big city and there are lots of choices to have nice experiences with your group: Go-karts, paintball, karaoke, you name it! Read the list and pick a cool plan for your group, they are counting on you!

Aventura Amazonia

Where is it? Parque Recreativo de las Berceas, Carretera de las Dehesas M-966, Km 3,9, 28470 Cercedilla, Madrid

Cercedilla is a small town located in the Sierra de Madrid where you can find a great park: Adventure Amazonia. This place gives us the chance to travel through the leafy forests by zip lining. Games, adventure, zip lines and more to have a good time. It’s available for the whole family since they have circuits for children. For grown-ups, they have terrific circuits such as Deportivo or X-Trem, which has a 252 meters long zip line, the longest in Spain. During these three hours of activity, you can enjoy nature, have fun with your group of friends and repeat the zip lines routes you like the most.

Máster Plató Disco-Karaoke

Where is it? Plaza de los Mostenses, s/n, 28015 Madrid
Sometimes we feel embarrassed, especially when we must speak or act in front of others. That’s why Karaoke is so much fun; you can embarrass yourself singing in front of your friends while having a good time. Although Madrid is full of Karaokes, we recommend you visit the one located in Plaza de los Mostenses, next to Plaza de España. It is almost full every weekend, with hundreds of people coming together to sing, dance and paying homage to their favorite artists. Choose your song, get the mic, go up the stage and feel like a real Rock Star. You are in the spotlight now! Break a leg!

Gran Paintball Madrid

Where is it? Calle Barrasqui s/n, en el kilómetro 5 de la M-600, 28200 San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Madrid

Gran Paintball is one of the coolest Paintball battlefields you’ll find in Madrid. Its enormous premises have 9 thematic scenarios with all kinds of props that will make you feel in a real gun-fight. They have everything: Helicopters, tanks, a bus, forests, fortresses, fox-holes and all kinds of trenches for you to duck and cover. You can also end the battle with a friendly barbecue between friends and enemies, hosted by the paintball company organization. To get there you have buses at your disposal that can take you from the Moncloa Station to the Paintball battlefield. There is nothing better to strengthen the bond of a group than working as a team in a fake war.

Karting Ángel Burgueño

Where is it? A-1, Km 45,8 (vía de servicio), Salida 47, 28723 Pedrezuela, Madrid.

If you like to drive, you will love Go-Karts. If you haven’t tried them, it’s the time. Ángel Burgueño is a well-known Spanish F1 pilot who gives his name and runs this great karting circuits. In it, you can choose among different types of karts (75 and 125 ccs) with a price of 20-25 euros per race. You can watch your friends run or eat the complimentary meals they offer for those who decide to spend the whole day running. The circuit has lots of interlaced curves that will test your driving skills. If you are visiting the circuit with a big group, don’t forget to make the reservation before, especially on weekends.

X-Door Madrid

Where is it? Gran Vía 16, 3er piso, 28013, Madrid

The X Door is an Escape Room located in the center of Madrid, in the Gran Vía Avenue. X-door will test your cunning, your intuition and your detective skills to get out of the room in less than an hour. There is no much to say about this activity, we can’t give you more clues without spoiling it, so just go there and try to escape. And remember: legend says that there are people who came in and never came out…

Humor Amarillo: The Race

Where is it? Algete, M- 123. km 2,3. Dirección Alalpardo, 28120 Algete

Humor Amarillo was a TV show that had tremendous success in the 90s. Even today most people in Spain remember Takeshi Kitano, all the wacky characters and the contestants of the show falling to the mud, the water or hitting themselves with huge plastic rolls. People had to cross bridges while dodging cannon balls, crossing doors with enemies trying to throw them inside the lake, crossing a river stepping in fake rocks and more. Would you like to try it? Now you can! No, we don’t have a time machine to go back to the times of the show. We have something better: a 15,000 square meters park in the town of Algete with the name of the Chino Kudeiro, one of the main protagonists of the show. Jump, duck, throw stuff and have an awesome day with your friends in this obstacles circuit, ready to test your physical and motor skills.



Enoturismo gives you all the information you might need to arrange wine routes in Madrid, the perfect plan for groups of wine-tasting fans. In these routes, you can visit up to 21 wine bodegas where you can taste more than 100 wines divided into 15 categories. With this route, you will learn the history of wine in Spain, how to distinguish the different types, how to describe the flavor or just enjoy it. Wine is a fundamental part of Spanish culture, so if you and your friends want to learn and drink at the same time, catch some of the routes this great website offers.

A Segway Tour in Madrid

Where is it? Martin de los Heros, 13 – Plaza España 28008 Madrid, Madrid

Of course, we could not forget Segway tours in Madrid. If you want to know more about the city in a different way, learn about its culture and essence, and delve into the corners of the most local Madrid, you will enjoy the routes with Madrid Segway Tour! Prepare yourself for a fantastic experience with a local guide. To make this activity experience as close and personal as possible, Madrid Segway Tour chooses to assign a guide for every 6 people. The team is waiting for you!


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