The best vintage clothing stores in Madrid, Malasaña

The best vintage clothing stores in Madrid, Malasaña

Malasaña is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Madrid. In its streets, we find hipster coffee shops, shops of all kinds, like music stores, bookstores or comics stores and, of course, fashion stores. Malasaña is a fashion district, whatever your style is. If you like clothes and especially vintage clothes, you will fall in love with Malasaña. In this charming neighborhood, you will find shops that you’ve never imagined. If you like handmade clothes, you are looking for unique pieces or you want to dress like your parents did, you are in the right place. Are you looking for second-hand clothes or a dress from a particular time? Do not hesitate any more, and visit Malasaña!

Here you’ll find a very special list of the best vintage clothing stores in Madrid, particularly in the Malasaña neighborhood. Find the top shops, the cheapest outlets and the great second-hand clothing flea markets.

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Top shops in Malasaña, Madrid, to buy vintage clothes

Kinda Kinks

Where is it? Calle Pez 16 & Calle Velarde 6, Madrid

We start with a double option. With two stores along Malasaña, on Velarde and Pez streets, Kinda Kinks is a must on this list. Here you will find vintage, retro and indie products from well-known brands such as Fred Perry, Adidas, Kappa, Tommy Hilfiger or Armani. In the Kinda Kinks website you can make online purchases, searching by brand, style or type of clothing. In Kinda Kinks you will find from second-hand clothes to the most vintage styles.


Where is it? Calle Velarde 3, Madrid

In another of the best-known vintage style stores you will find from small pieces of costume jewelry or accessories, to vintage style clothing from different eras. In Magpie they take pride in making their selection with a lot of love, offering clothes from the 60’s, 70’s and even from the 20’s. They also organize events, DJ sessions and rent clothes for movies and TV.

Templo de Susu

Where is it? Calle Espíritu Santo 1, Madrid

The Templo de Susu is one of the most popular vintage clothing stores in Madrid that bets on second-hand clothing. You will recognize it by the motorcycle parked in the entrance and in which you can take a photo if you wish. It is a vintage style shop, and among its offer stand out the windbreakers, the denim or leatherette, in addition to the bags exhibited in its shop window. It is one of the most affordable second-hand shops in the area, and for less than € 50 you can dress a complete vintage outfit.

Miss Vintage

Where is it? Calle Espiritu Santo 7, Madrid

On the same street, just a few meters above Templo de Susu, you find Miss Vintage, a vintage store aimed primarily at the female audience. They have a great offer in denim garments, with the option of even customizing them with sequins, studs and other jewelry items. The selection of clothes for sale is chosen with great taste, thanks to the passion and enthusiasm of its owner. You can also buy dresses, earrings, handbags, sunglasses and all kinds of accessories that will fit perfectly if you are a follower of the retro style.


Where is it? Calle Velarde 16, Madrid

Soft color dresses, fringed jackets, patterned blouses. If you are looking for this type of clothes, Alphaville is one of the places you should visit. One of the most interesting options on this list in relation to quality, money and time. Alphaville stands out for its wide range of American products, highlighting jackets, shirts and sweatshirts. Its sportswear section offers NBA, football and baseball retro jackets. Also coats, raincoats and printed shirts are some of the items you can buy there.

La Mona Checa

Where is it? Calle Velarde 2, Madrid

With a play on words with “la Mona Chita” as the name of the store and a decoration that recalls the circus, La Mona Checa is one of the most unforgettable shops you will visit in Madrid. The most original vintage clothing at the best low-cost prices. On their shelves you will find jeans, tracksuits, slim trousers, tight jeans, flared and all the retro styles that you can think of. Hawaiian, leopard or floral prints are some of the designs you’ll find on their hangers. And now that the summer is here, do not forget to buy some of their retro swimsuits.

Flamingos Vintage Kilo

Where is it? Espíritu Santo 1, Madrid

Flamingo Vintage Kilo is one of the leading distributors of American vintage clothing in Madrid. Not only does it supply products to other stores, but it also gives you the possibility to buy clothes by kilos. As if it were a greengrocer, you can buy what you need weighing the final product. Sports jackets from the 70 ‘, colored hair coats, Harley Davidson jackets and the most classic brands are some of the products offered by this wonderful vintage store that has more than 20 franchises around the world.

Ekeko Clothes

Where is it? Calle San Vicente Ferrer 39, Madrid

Ekeko describes themselves as experts in recycled and handmade clothing. If you have a shirt, pants or jacket that you would like to customize, in Ekeko you can find many economical solutions. Each season they design their own collections, mixing second-hand clothes, customizing them to make new designs and give them a second life. Leatherette jackets, cotton trench coats and customized clothing available to all fans of retro clothing.

El Rincón de Tía Jo

Where is it? Calle Velarde 4, Madrid

With a “chic” look, El Rincón de Tía Jo is another benchmark in Malasaña and Madrid’s vintage clothing scene. Also located on Calle Velarde, it stands out for its location, its attentive employees and their ironed and well-placed products. They have very affordable second-hand clothes and a trading service, so in addition to finding fashion, you can sell the clothes you no longer like, which surely someone else will appreciate. On its website it has an exhibition section, where they act as intermediaries for people who want to sell exclusive fashion items. Whether in person or through the internet, you must know this vintage clothing store in Malasaña.

Featured image: Magpie, Madrid, Malasaña

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