7 Tasty Slow Food and Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

7 Exquisite Restaurants with Ecological and Organic Food you need to know

Veganism is a lifestyle and a philosophy based on respecting animal life. It is usually exercised for various reasons, from nutrition and health to environmental protection and animal rights activism. There are different degrees of veganism and people live it in all different ways, usually by only consuming vegetal products that are not coming from animals in any way, especially as far as food is concerned.

On the other hand, Slow Food is a global movement that emerged in Italy and promotes the diversity, the taste and the knowledge of food and cooking. Slow Food rejects standardization, the fact that everyone eats the same, and tries to promote that people learn and value the new cuisine, the organic ingredients and everything that makes unique a dish.

In any case, whether for pleasure or conviction, today we bring you a list of the best places in Madrid where you can enjoy a delicious vegan dish and slow food trend. Some of them are ethnic places, others are “typical Spanish” and there are even some that are vegan alternatives to intrinsically carnivorous types of food. We are positive more than one of the list will surprise you!

Where to find Slow Food and Vegan Restaurants in Madrid?


Where is it? Costanilla de San Andrés, 16, 28005 Madrid

VivaBurger is one of those vegan restaurants in Madrid made for the people who do not want to eat animal meat, but do not want to give up the delicious aspect and intense flavor of a hamburger. And don’t leet their delicious look fool you, the VivaBurguer hamburger does not carry the slightest gram of beef. In La Latina neighborhood, VivaBurger is a restaurant that promotes health and animal rights by offering daily menus based on exotic vegan cuisines. In a normal week we can find a Nepalese menu, one from Vietnam and one from Morocco, to name a few examples. If you want to know a great representative of the movement, you should go check one of the tastiest Slow Food restaurants in Madrid.

Do not forget to try: The lentil burger.

Reineta Vegetariano

Where is it? Calle del Infante, 5, 28014 Madrid

Reineta is a vegetarian restaurant whose culinary offer is based exclusively on vegetables. Its motto is that you can take care of your health and enjoy great flavors it at the same time. In the menu you can find vegetable creams, salads or pâtés side by side with more elaborate dishes in which the ingredients have been replaced by vegetables. We find lentil lasagna, pumpkin ravioli or vegetable meatballs. Reineta is a vegan restaurant in Madrid that is characterized by its familiarity and closeness, to the point that it will make you feel as if you were at home.

Do not forget to try: the quiches of integral dough. There is a new one every day!

El Fogón Verde

Where is it? Calle de la Alameda, 4, 28014 Madrid

El Fogón Verde (The green stove), as well as a restaurant, is an initiative that seeks to fill stomachs while awakening consciences. Its business model is based on principles such as vegan activism, cooperativism and respect for the environment. All the products they serve or cook have an organic origin and were bought through fair trade networks, and they even encourage you to know their providers personally from their website. They are part of a cooperative’s network that works to create alternatives fostering the social economy. Its organic wines, its activities to promote veganism and its focus on respecting the environment make it one of the best vegan restaurants in Madrid.

Do not forget to try: Homemade potato and beet gnocchi with leek and walnut sauce.

Llantén Veggie Bar

Where is it? Calle del Cardenal Cisneros, 40, 28010 Madrid

Llantén Veggie Bar is a 100% vegan bar-restaurant where there is not a single product offered that has an animal origin. All their food is handmade, and they also have gluten-free and take-away options. Honorable mention for its vegetarian pizzas, vegan sausages and its vegetable stews. In addition to this, they organize charity dinners for all kinds of solidarity projects, especially those who promote animal rights. If you are looking for slow food restaurants in Madrid, the Llantén Veggie Bar is the answer. They also screen documentaries and are in permanent contact with other vegan initiatives in the Chamberí area.

Do not forget to try: the dry tomato empanadillas with vegan cheese.

El Perro Gamberro

Where is it? Calle de Segovia, 16, 28005 Madrid

The Perro Gamberro (Hooligan Dog) defines itself as a vegetarian tavern, in the style of typical Madrid taverns, but offering dishes totally based on non-animal products. In the Perro Gamberro restaurant they offer homemade cuisine accompanied by craft beer and organic wines of the best quality. In the menu you can find dishes such as cauliflower croquettes or ajoarriero cauliflower (special with garlic), lentil meatballs in tomato sauce and his specialty, tacos gamberros: homemade cakes with soy carnitas, guacamole and chives. Every week they prepare a special menu that it’s offered at a special price at the “gamberros” dinners. A different way to enjoy vegan food in Madrid.

Do not forget to try: tomatoes. They have up to 8 different varieties!

Al Natural Restaurant

Where is it? Calle de Zorrilla, 11, 28014 Madrid

Vegan slow food restaurant to feel good inside. Healthy and fat-free food in the Paseo del Prado, where you can relax and enjoy its intimate and family atmosphere. His menu is varied and balanced, since we find pumpkin creams, lentils with rice and herbal spaghetti with vegetables. With a very friendly staff, great service and the option of a shot of honey rum after your meal, Al Natural is a great choice of vegan restaurants in Madrid for all the demanding palates who travel every year to the capital.

Do not forget to try: the ajoblanco, a cold garlic soup that will drive you nuts!

Rayén Vegan

Where is it? Calle Lope de Vega, 7, 28014 Madrid

Rayén Vegan is one of the best slow-food vegan restaurants in Madrid, offering a unique blend of creative and unique vegan cuisine. In Rayén they choose the ingredients personally and never use microwaves or freezers because they do not want to alter the flavor of their products. In Rayén Vegan everything is made with love, fresh and cooked at the moment. Each season they have a different menu, depending on the fresh products they have on hand, so it is worth visiting at any time of the year.

Do not forget to try: Ramen with smoked tofu.

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