7 Must see Tea Rooms in Madrid in case you need a rest

7 Must see Tea Rooms in Madrid in case you need a rest and a cuppa

Madrid is a well-known city for its culture, its gastronomy or its football team. But, when you think about tea, the countries that come to your mind are probably the United Kingdom, with their 5 o’clock tea, and Arabic countries where the herbal tea is very popular. Maybe even Argentina, with their world famous “Mate”, or Russia, with its aromatic tea prepared on luxurious “samovars”, teapots that come from the tsarist era.

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If you’re from the UK traveling in Madrid, it might be the right time for a cuppa! But where can you find the best tea houses in Madrid? From the national kind to the most exotic breeds, today we resume our favorite locations to enjoy the best afternoon tea in the capital of Spain, London Style!

Have you heard something about Madrid tea rooms? Well, it’s time to put Madrid on the tea world map! Because Madrid might not have a special type of tea, but we have a huge habit of hot beverages, and tea is becoming more and more popular. Today we want to give you all the information you might need to find the best tea rooms in Madrid to enjoy a great cuppa!

1. Salón des Fleurs

Where is it? Calle Guzmán el Bueno, 106

Salon les Fleurs

Translated as “the Flower Lounge”, Salón de Fleurs is a small tea room located at the northwest side of the city. It is our first and most important suggestions due to its variety and atmosphere. Their offer consists not only in all kind of teas and tea-related products but also different gastronomic courses. This makes Salón de Fleurs a nice option to make your weekends much more refreshing and entertaining. With a beautiful decoration and multiple tea options, this superb tea lounge in Madrid will leave you speechless.

2. El Café del Jardín

Where is it? Calle San Mateo, 13

Cafe del Jardin

The Café del Jardín is located inside of the Museo del Romanticismo, but fortunately you won’t have to pay to access this wonderful place. Enjoying a tea is always a pleasure, but it is even better if you do it in the small gardens this café has in its interior. Our recommendation is to grab a newspaper or magazine, ask for one of their delicious homemade cakes and enjoy their excellent tea; a perfect way to enjoy Sunday morning, or any day of the week, in one of Madrid busiest areas.

3. Vailima

Where is it? Calle Salustiano Olózaga, 18

Vailima tea room

A must for tea lovers. With a certain resemblance to the typical English tea house, Vailima offers an ideal environment for those who love this ancestral drink. It’s a quiet and small place with an excellent service, plus it’s located next to the Puerta de Alcalá, one of the most important monuments of Madrid. The variety of teas makes Vailima one of our best recommendations to look for the most exotic breed of tea, the types you don’t usually find in regular stores.

4. El Califa Tea Room

Where is it? Calle de Trujillos, 3

El Califa

Finding an authentic Moroccan tea room in the middle of Madrid is not that strange. After all, Morocco and Spain are neighbors and have a had an important relationship through the years. The historic and cultural exchange of ideas has influenced a wide variety of Spanish habits, especially in the kitchen. Very close to the Plaza del Sol, this tea room will make you feel like you were drinking a cup of tea right in the middle of this African country. In El Califa Tea Room you can enjoy belly dancing shows, tajin recipes and all kinds of Moroccan dishes. And, of course, there is the tea! With a little peppermint, a great pleasure for your taste buds.

5. El Riojano

Where is it? Calle Mayor, 10

El riojano tea room

Located right in the middle of the city, this tea room looks more like a candy store. In El Riojano you can find typical Spanish sweets, candy and pastry like “magdalenas” (muffins) and “Napolitanas” (cream rolls). With a huge variety of teas, El Riojano is an ideal place to get away from the noise of the city and have a sweet treat. If you are visiting Calle Mayor (Main Street), do not forget to make a stop in this awesome tea room.

6. Tekoe

Where is it? Calle de las Huertas, 22 (Shop)


Image source

In Takoe you can find a lot of varieties of tea. It’s a tea shop where you can enjoy all kind of flavours. But if you prefer to make your own tea, Tekoe could be also your best choice. You can buy the best teas and all the elements you would need to achieve that perfect cup. Tekoe is located next to Puerta del Sol and has one of the largest assortment of tea and tea-related products in the city. Purchase the breed you like the most, go home and enjoy the scent of a fresh homemade tea.

7. ZenZoo – bubble tea

Where is it? Calle Mayor 26


To close the list, we bring you one of the most exotic proposals. ZenZoo is specialize in Taiwanese style Tapioca tea, a traditional form of tea that is very hard to find. Taste this delicious mix while you enjoy their open facilities and a great variety of snacks. They also offer smoothies and shakes.

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