Where to eat Paella in Madrid

The Paella is the most famous dish in Spanish culture, some even call it Spain’s national dish. It is originally considered to be from Valencia. The authentic recipe for a paella Valenciana should, so they say, always include chicken and rabbit as the main proteins accompanied by saffron, veggies and much more.

We have gathered some of the best places in Madrid to enjoy a delicious Paella, hopefully you’ll get a chance to visit.

Casa Benigna

Where to eat Paella in Valencia


Located in the Prosperidad neighborhood in the northern part of Madrid is Casa Benigna. On a narrow and somewhat unknown street, you can go to savor their world renowned Paellas since 1990. Owned by chef Norberto Jorge with the help of his mother, this is a restaurant that has positioned itself as a “must visit” in Madrid.

Casa Benigna is a warm and cozy place, with a homely vibe that will make you feel as if you’ve gone to your grandparents house. Surprisingly, for such a famous place for paellas, it is mostly known by tourists instead of locals. The attention you receive while there makes it a unique and magical experience to enjoy these delicious traditional paellas.

What makes this restaurant extra special is that they have created and even patented what they call the Patella, which is a paella cooked in a special pan so that it becomes crunchy. This dish will be the star of your course. Don’t miss out!

Calle Benigno Soto, 9

La Barraca

Where to eat paella in Valencia 2

La Barraca is A popular  spot in Madrid to enjoy authentic Paella Valenciana. They offer reasonable prices for amazing dishes, placing them at the front of mind for those thinking of paella in Madrid. On the menu they have 16 paellas and rice options that are meant to be shared by two or more guests.

Also famous for their Arroz al Horno con Cocido, La Barraca is located in the city center near Gran Via avenue, making it a staple for tourists. But this is no tourist trap: it is a family owned restaurant that has been open for more than 80 years. Only fresh ingredients are used in the cooking and the interior décor is very warm and inviting. The ingredients are fresh, the food is exquisite and the decor is cozy. This could be your place if you’re in the mood for traditional paella and Spanish cuisine in the capital.

Calle de la Reina, 29

Casa Valencia

With a history that is difficult for  any other paella restaurant to match, Casa de Valencia, was inaugurated in 1975 by none other than the King and Queen of Spain, their majesty Juan Carlos I and Sofia. This restaurant is without a doubt one of the most elegant places to enjoy a paella in Madrid. The average price on the menu is above average but, besides being renowned, the service is hands down excellent.

It will be hard for you to make a decision on what you would like to order, since the menu is pretty abundant with paella and rice dishes. Besides these options there are other exquisite courses to choose from like roasted meats, fried fish and other Mediterranean gastronomy staples.

Paseo del Pintor Rosales, 58


Where to eat Paella in Valencia 4

With locations in two of the most hip neighborhoods in Madrid, Socarratt Valencian Food is definitely a top option to enjoy an authentic paella in relaxed surroundings. They have 16 varieties to choose from, so if you go with a group of friends you can try out a few of the options. The prices on the menu are pretty affordable also, so it’s a  win-win situation.

The restaurant is named after the special ‘socarratt’ part of the paella. So, what makes the socarrat so special? It is because this is the part of the paella that is slightly burnt making the rice crunchy and crispy, making this a delicacy for your palate. A true Valencian will never eat without a side of socarrat on their plate. The concept of this restaurant comes from the hands of two Valencian chefs, so you’re getting the real deal with their cooking.

Calle de San Marcos, 2
Calle de Manuela de Malasaña, 5

Bar La Gloria

Wher to eat Paella in Valencia 5

This restaurant is one of those hidden gems you can find around Madrid and it is centrally located in the Malasaña neighborhood. The interior décor of the restaurant takes you on a trip to Andalucia with its typical tavern style. With all the options for paella in Madrid, Bar La Gloria is one of the lucky ones to get a seal of approval from Wikipaella.

Now, one of the most popular things about this restaurant is its Sunday Brunch, which is not the regular eggs benedict and avocado toast. They’re known for making a huge traditional paella on Sundays made with chicken, rabbit and seasonal veggies. Prices for the paella portions go from 11€  making this a great option for an affordable but tasty brunch with family and friends. Go check out the seal of approval for yourself, you won’t regret it.

Calle Noviciado, 2

If you have the opportunity to enjoy paella in one of these places, you are in for a surprise. An authentic paella is truly something to savor. And don’t forget about . If you’re looking for something interesting, check out our Historical Segway Tour.


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