8 Exciting things to do in Madrid when it’s raining

8 Exciting things to do in Madrid when it’s raining

There are places in the world that are ready for rainy days: people are used to wearing big coats and carry umbrellas, there are lots of indoor public places and a big offer of entertainment choices for those who don’t want to get wet. Nevertheless, Madrid is one of those cities you can enjoy under the sun, rain or even snow. You only need to know how, and that’s what we do here

So, here you’ll find some fantastic things to do in Madrid when it’s raining.

Activities to enjoy in Madrid during a rainy day

1. Visit a Museum

The works of the most well known Spanish artists of all time are exposed on museums such as the Reina Sofía, El Prado and Thyssen-Bohemiza, so a rainy day could be the perfect excuse to visit them. Among the walls of this impressive buildings, you will find works of art such as Velazquez’s “Las Meninas” (“The Ladies-in-waiting”), Goya’s “Saturno devorando a su hijo” (“Saturn Devouring His Son”) and Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica”, the famous work of art about the Spanish Civil War. These museums are enormous, full of impressive art and indoors, and the complete visit usually takes time, making the perfect choice for Madrid when it’s raining.

2. Go see a movie

When the rains start pouring, your body’s’ natural reaction is to ask for a sofa, a blanket, and a Netflix account. That’s a great plan, watching a movie on a rainy day, don’t get us a wrong. But do you know an even better plan? Going out to see it in a movie theatre, especially one located in some of Madrid’s shopping malls. Popcorn, nachos with cheese, a big glass of soda, sitting on your seat, watching the trailers… In Madrid, you can have the whole movie package. It doesn’t matter if you like Hollywood blockbusters or artsy-films: there are hundreds of different options to catch a movie you’d like. And don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish; there are several English-language movie theatres, Film Festivals and other places that screen movies with subtitles.

3. Enjoy a Segway Tour

A Segway ride through Madrid is a great experience, with both sun and rain. You don’t need to worry about the rain or the heat: our Segway Tour Company is prepared for this kind of situations, solving them by providing each tour-member with their own raincoat. Plus, the routes are adapted to all kinds of weather, and the Segway technology makes it safe even with heavy rain. But the big advantage of a Segway Tour on rainy days is that the sidewalks are cleared of people. A Segway Tour with rain allows you to ride around the city at your own pace, with more freedom than usual.

4. Go shopping at a Mall

Shopping Malls are designed not only for purchasing items but to hang out in them, which makes them very useful on rainy days. In each of the different floors you find products to buy, bars and restaurants to eat and all sort of leisure activities. There are clothing stores, fashions shops, international brands and other types of apparel stores offering shoes, bags or jewelry. You can take the opportunity to develop a new look for yourself, buy gifts for your loved ones or just find out the latest trends in the fashion world. A great choice for your trip if it’s raining in Madrid.

5. Have meal into a market

The market concept has changed in the last years. They used to be the places to buy your groceries for the week or month, plain and simple. They were even on the verge of disappearing since most of the people grew into the habit of buying food in supermarkets. That’s why traditional markets reinvented themselves becoming places to spend leisure time, get to know new cultures and have gastronomic experiences. In markets such as San Miguel, Moncloa or San Antón, you can find food stalls, bars and all kinds of tapas to taste after a visit. The perfect activity for when out there it’s raining cats and dogs.

6. Watch a football match

“La Liga Santander”, the Spanish football league, goes beyond Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi: it is one of the best known and most followed football competitions in the world. Hundreds of international players join the ranks of the “Primera División” teams, who compete to reach the first place and get to play European competitions. In Spain, TV football is pay-per-view, so most bars use it to attract customers. Whether it’s a Champions League match during midweek or a Spanish Liga match during the weekend, there’s a game on the Spanish bar’s TV almost every day. Watching it with a glass of beer and a tapa it’s always a great option when it rains.

7. Get out from an escape room

60 minutes, a mysterious room and all kind of hidden clues and riddles that you will have to crack to escape. It doesn’t matter who you are, only your wits, intuition and imagination. There is always a path, a route to get you and your friends out of your prison, but you will have to think hard. That is the basic premise for this activity, known as an “escape room” and with a legion of followers all around the world. In Madrid you have several Escape Rooms to choose, from a nuclear lab to an Egyptian pyramid. You and your friends can enjoy a rainy day by escaping from a zombie apocalypse!

8. Have a drink in a bar

In Madrid we love bars. Sometimes it’s okay to keep things simple, and just go to the bar to drink and hang out, with your friends or by yourself. The Spanish bars are designed so that people can socialize. There are many typical Madrid drinks that can help you to spend a cold and humid day. Whether it’s a chicken broth or a hot chocolate for the abstemious, or vermouth or a liqueur for those who want their drink with alcohol, in the bar you will find many ways to combat a rainy day.


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