The Absolute Best British & Irish Pubs and Bars in Madrid

Are you craving a taste of home right here in Madrid, or just looking for a nice relaxing pint in a familiar atmosphere? There are lots of expat pubs and bars in Madrid that offer perfect pub grub, live sports, and fresh pints of Guinness.

You’ve got to do your research if you’re going to get the best experience, though. To give you a helping hand, here’s a look at the best expat pubs in Madrid – we might even see you in one of them!

The Best Expat Pubs and Bars in Madrid

When it comes to expat pubs you’re probably looking for quality food, nice beer, a friendly environment, and perhaps some football. Here’s a look at how Madrid’s best expat pubs perform in those areas.

1. O’Connell St.

Best Irish & Expat Bars in Madrid 1 O'Connell St

This isn’t just another Irish pub in Madrid – it’s one of the best. O’Connell’s offers a large, open space that is overflowing with good vibes, great food, top sports, fantastic music and lots of laughs.

There’s always something going on here and you can look forward to being greeted by friendly faces. The bartenders know how to pull a good pint and you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank whether you’re visiting for food or drinks. There’s a nice mixture of people from different backgrounds and ages, too.

If you’re looking to catch the football or rugby, this is the perfect place. It’s also open early enough to serve up a delicious breakfast that will give you a taste of home while you’re in Madrid.

Getting there

  • Calle de Espoz y Mina 7, very close to the Sol metro stop.

The word on the street

O’Connells is a nice and fun place. It has a great atmosphere, and opens early enough to have a good cooked breakfast!”

2. Finnegan’s

Best Irish & Expat Bars in Madrid 2 Finnegan's

This Irish pub captures the feeling of home with its wooden furniture and traditional interior. If you are a rugby fan, Finnegan’s is the place to be – you’ll find all of the latest games no matter the time of day.

The beer is great here once again, and you’ll find a range of beers on tap. If you’re here to eat, you’ll have to grab a “menú del día” that includes a starter, main, and a drink. This is offered at a great price and you’ll be sure to enjoy the authentic flavors that are on offer.

You don’t have to worry about slow service here, either. The team are attentive and friendly, making sure that you’re served whenever you need to be.

Getting there

Finnegan’s is found at Plaza de las Salesas 9. There are a few metro stations close by that make it easy to reach the pub

The word on the street

Great atmosphere. Friendly staff. Good value bar food!”

3. Covent Garden

Best Irish & Expat Bars in Madrid 5 The James Joyce

Covent Garden has been offering an authentic English pub experience in Madrid since 1999. You’ll find a huge range of national and imported beers on offer at Covent Garden – there’s a lot of goodies to sample and you’ll have to try some of the craft beers.

The pub has partnered up to offer food in partnership with its neighbors – this means you can chow down on some delicious pizzas from Allô Pizza or order a burger from Alfredo’s Barbacoa. The food receives high praise indeed and the drinks are the perfect accompaniment.

There are lots of different activities here too. The live music is diverse and great fun, while there are large TVs on offer that show all of the latest football. If you’re looking for a buzzing atmosphere whatever the time of day, there’s no way that you’ll be disappointed with Covent Garden.

Getting there

Covent Garden is found at Calle de Doctor Fleming 31. It’s very close to the Cuzco and Plaza Castilla metro stations.

The word on the street

“Awesome bar with great service and music. Such a welcoming staff that makes you feel at home.”

4. The Cavern Irish Pub

Best Irish & Expat Bars in Madrid 1 O'Connel St

The Cavern Irish Pub is just as admired for its friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere as it is for its wide selection of high-quality beers and great facilities. The team is on hand to give you drinks recommendations and you’ll find lots of offer – far beyond your regular Foster’s or Heineken!

As with the other pubs on this list, you’ll find TVs on offer that show live sports. The TVs are also very large and the interior is a little more modern than some of the other bars on this list.

If you’re sticking around in Madrid for a while, you might want to check out the quiz night here too. It’s always good fun and there is also a variety of live music on the other nights. Free wi-fi is on offer here too, but don’t use it during the pub quiz!

Getting there

This bar is found at Calle de Santiago 1, not far at all from the Sol or Opera metro stations.

The word on the street

“Great pub with a wide selection of beers, and an owner with actual knowledge of those beers! Good music and a welcoming atmosphere. If you’re in Madrid and want a drink that is off the beaten path of fosters, carlsberg and heineken, go here! Absolutely loved it!”

5. The James Joyce

Best Irish & Expat Bars in Madrid 1 O'Connel St.png

As the name suggests, The James Joyce is a celebration of authentic Irish culture and offers you a truly unforgettable Irish experience!

There is a lot of live music on offer and a calendar that is bursting at the seams with exciting and memorable events. You’ll find all the live sports here and live music nights take place four nights a week – you’ll be sure to find something fun!

The food and drinks are excellent too. You’ll find a blend of Irish and Spanish cuisine that culminates in a wonderful dining experience. If you want delicious home-cooked food, this is the place to be.

Getting there

This pub is found at Calle de Alcalá 59. It’s very close to the Retiro and Banco de España metro stations.

The word on the street

“The best thing about this pub is the staff! They could not have been more helpful. Atmosphere was good, food was good for the price and the drinks were great! Easy to find and with free nibbles on arrival. Well done guys!”

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There’s nothing like grabbing a fresh pint and some pub food when you feel like you’ve earned it! If you want to explore Madrid, be sure to check out our Madrid Segway tours. There’s a lot to do and see – plenty to discuss over a pint in the pub afterwards!

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