Why Autumn is one of the best times to visit madrid

Madrid is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most beautiful and energetic cities. The Spanish capital is a perfect melting pot of history, fine dining, culture, fun, and much more. If you haven’t visited yet, it should certainly be on your wishlist!

One of the best things about Madrid is that it’s the perfect place to visit no matter the time of year – there’s always plenty of things to see and enjoy. Are you thinking about visiting Madrid in autumn? Here’s a look at why it’s one of the best times to visit the city.

Why to Visit Madrid in Autumn

Here are just some of the top reasons that you should visit Madrid in the autumn months!

#7: Unique events

The action never stops in Madrid and there are countless inspiring and unique events that take place over the course of autumn. You’ll find a wide range of cultural events and festivities to enjoy.

There are too many to list here but you will find unforgettable highlights like exhibitions, sporting events, local festivities, and more. You should be sure to look at the calendar of Madrid events that are hosted on Spain’s official tourism website.

#6: Cooler temperatures

Madrid is located at 650 metres above sea level. This means it experiences a wide range of temperatures over the course of the year. July and August can become very warm indeed, winter can be colder than you’d expect, and if you’re not a fan of high or low temperatures, autumn could be the perfect option for you.

The autumn months are nice and temperate. The cooler temperatures give you the perfect conditions to enjoy everything that Madrid has to offer and you don’t have to worry about sweltering or freezing conditions.

Grab a jacket and prepare to explore Madrid’s many streets and alleys comfortably. There’s nothing quite like enjoying an authentic tapas meal from a terrace on a cool autumn evening either!

#5: Unique seasonal dishes & tapas

Madrid is truly a culinary hotspot and its delectable local cuisine shifts to match the cooler months. Throughout autumn, the city’s best traditional restaurants adjust their menus and you’ll find a range of authentic, seasonal dishes on offer.

These dishes make the most of seasonal ingredients to give you the freshest and most delicious food possible. Prepare to sample a wide range of warm tapas dishes and old Spanish autumnal favorites.

Mushrooms are very popular in Spain, for example, and you’ll find a wide range of earthy dishes on offer that will keep you warm and energized to keep exploring the city.

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#4: Beautiful parks and squares

Madrid is a large, bustling city but it is home to countless beautiful parks, gardens, and squares. These hidden spots give you the chance to enjoy a peaceful break from the city and reconnect with nature.

These parks and squares come to life in spring, but they are equally as beautiful in autumn. You will find that the leaves begin to turn into enhancing shades of brown and red, transforming your autumn walk into a magical and cosy experience.

There is a sense of calm throughout these parks, too. If you’re looking for the perfect weekend away during the autumn months, you really can’t beat Madrid thanks to its wide selection of parks and squares.

Looking for secret spots? Be sure to read our post on Madrid’s best hidden squares and plazas.

#3: Find great deals

Any summer trip can quickly become expensive. You might find that flights are steep, accommodation rates are high, and a range of other prices are inflated to match the high demand.

The opposite is true in the autumn months, though. You will be sure to find a huge range of deals and discounts on offer. There are some very competitive prices out there and these can lead to some significant savings!

If you want a fun city stay without breaking the bank, Madrid is a great option in the autumn. You really can enjoy a perfect trip on a budget.

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#2: A calmer experience

Traveling in the summer is generally more expensive and it’s also often more hectic. Madrid welcomes the majority of its visitors during the summer months, so you might find that the city can feel a little crowded.

This vitality is great, sometimes, but you might feel like a relaxing city break. If that’s what you want, you can’t go wrong by choosing to visit Madrid in the autumn. The city has a very calm and tranquil feel while still offering lots to do – with plenty of the vibrancy the city is famous for.

Many people visit Madrid and feel recharged and regenerated. This makes it the perfect destination for a nice short autumn trip. The calmer nature of the city means it’s a great opportunity to enjoy a Segway tour, too. Be sure to read our five reasons to see Madrid on a Segway.

#1: Enjoyable day trips and experiences

Do you want to explore Madrid’s surrounding areas during your visit? There are a countless number of day trips and experiences that you can enjoy. The cooler temperatures in autumn make it a pleasure to travel outside the city and stay active.

You could decide to embark on a wonderful visit to the enchanting city of Toledo, for example, or explore some of the wineries that are found on the outskirts of Madrid. There are lots of adventures and experiences just waiting to be discovered.

You might also find that your experiences are calmer and more authentic during the off-season months in Madrid.

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Madrid really is beautiful all year round! There’s never a bad time to come and visit, and we can’t wait to welcome you. Our Segway tours are always available to whisk you through the city and give you a closer look at this beautiful city.

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