10 travel apps for Madrid you need this summer

Top 10 travel apps for your next visit to the Spanish capital

Technology has changed not only our way of life but also the way we practice sports, eat or sightseeing. In the old days we obtained our travel information from sources such as travel guides, brochures from the tourist offices or the advice of friends who had previously visited the place. And there is nothing that has more power than the recommendation of someone you trust. And that’s where the travel apps for Smartphones come in.

This time we bring you 10 smartphone applications that will help you move around Madrid. Among the most important apps you will find the best solutions to questions such as: Where to eat in Madrid? How to get to a place? or What to see now in Madrid?

If you like Madrid, pack your suitcase and head to the Spanish capital this summer with these travel apps for Madrid on your smartphone!

The best travel apps for Madrid you need to know


Money apps are important when visiting a foreign country. If you need to send money or receive it and want to follow it live through an app, Wise (formerly TransferWise) can be a perfect solution. The currency exchange applied and transfer rates are extremely low because of their innovative transfer approach, which means you can save money with their market-leading rates. Most countries are covered, so you won’t have any problem when moving your money from one place to another internationally. If you want information, security and live data, choose Wise. Another good option when traveling to Madrid could be Western Union. They have also offices and agents in the Spanish capital, so you can send the money there and take it directly from a Western Union Office or agent. That option, is, however, more of a last resort as it’s a lot more expensive than Wise.
· Wise: Wise Money Transfers & App

El Tenedor

If you travel to Madrid for the first time and have not yet discovered its cuisine, El Tenedor is a perfect solution. Valid for both Android and Apple iOS, in El Tenedor you will find an excellent selection of cuisine, restaurants and discount offers. If you travel during the week you can benefit from the daily discounts of the best-known restaurants in the capital, especially because there are fewer promotions on weekends. In addition, it gives you the possibility of booking from your mobile phone, something that will save you time and difficulties this summer.
· Google Play: El tenedor for Madrid App
· iTunes: El tenedor for Madrid App

Guía Madrid 5D

Among the virtues of this fantastic app is to offer the public the location of its historical heritage, as well as include 360 images. In Guía Madrid 5D there are more than 700 files, 2.500 images in high quality and about 800 points of interest. The app also includes routes that you can select according to your interests, choosing from historical visits to tours more related to the cuisine of Madrid, such as their wines and most typical dishes. A way to add one more dimension to your trip through Madrid and a perfect smartphone application for any device, both Apple and Android.
· Google Play: Guía Madrid 5D App
· iTunes: Guía Madrid 5D App


This well-known smartphone application allows you to evaluate restaurants and hotels, providing comments and reviews. Its great value is that it allows you to know other people’s opinion about restaurants or hotels, helping us to decide if it is worth taking the risk. It is the ultimate technological weapon to make decisions, especially when you are in a strange place and all options seem the same. An essential travel app for those who come to Madrid and do not know where to eat, dine or sleep in the Spanish capital.
· Google Play: Tripadvisor for Madrid App
· iTunes: Tripadvisor for Madrid App

XE Currency Converter

XE Currency Converter offers the possibility to visit Madrid and stay 100% informed about the status of the currency exchange. If you live in any of the countries of the European Economic Community you will not need to exchange currency, because Spain is also a member and the Euro is the legal currency. But for visitors from countries such as the United Kingdom or any other country outside of the European Union, these travel application can become a great ally to save time or money. Keep in mind that the day you change currency can affect the amount you receive for your currency.
· Google Play: XE Currency App
· iTunes: XE Currency App


Cabify is a new model of collaborative economy applied to transport that has been installed in half the world and have had a great reception in Spain. Madrid is one of the cities where you can use this great and useful application. Cabify allows you to book a car with a professional driver at any time, allowing you to go from one side of the city to another at affordable prices. Cabify offers a professional and careful service and with the great advantage of being able to know the price of your trip before getting in the car. You can also reserve your car at any time. In the last year, Cabify has become a great travel application for tourists and travelers in Madrid.
· Google Play: Cabify for Madrid App
· iTunes: Cabify for Madrid App


EMT is the public transport system of Madrid, considered one of the best in the world with its fleets and bus lines. In the official EMT application, you will find routes, ticket prices and schedules of all the buses that circulate in the Madrid region. This application is perfect to know how much time you need to get to the bus stop or which bus is the best to get to your destination. There are many things you should know to make the most of Madrid buses, such as the point of origin of all lines, the frequency or the routes of buses known as “owls” (night buses).
· Google Play: EMT Madrid App
· iTunes: EMT Madrid App

Metro de Madrid

Very similar to the EMT application, the Metro de Madrid app serves both the Android and Apple iOS. This useful smartphone application gives you the possibility of knowing the schedules, the combinations to reach your destination, the payment methods and how much time is left before the next train arrives. The subway network in Madrid is the most widely used public transport system in the city and, given its considerable extension, this travel app for Madrid will show you the best way to get around the big city.
· Google Play: Metro de Madrid Oficial App
· iTunes: Metro de Madrid Oficial App

Google Maps

Madrid is a city where you must walk, to know its charming little corners and to jump from one different tourist area to the other. Google Maps, both offline and online, will help you to move around the city knowing your location and the exact distances. In addition to very useful features such as “choose the best route” or “recommended route by traffic”, you also have the possibility to know the time that will take you to get there depending if you want to walk, catch the bus/metro or go by car.
· Google Play: Google Maps App
· iTunes: Google Maps App


English is not an official language in Spain. It’s learned at school, but many old people did not study it in the past (years ago French or Italian were the second languages at school), so not everyone speaks English in Spain, and some people do it in a medium level. That’s why it can be useful to express yourself in Spanish during your trip, and that’s where Duolingo comes in handy. It’s a worldwide application for any device with which to learn, at the level you want, any language in the world. If you only need some loose phrases, you can also use Google Translate, although try to keep it simple and direct.
· Google Play: Duolingo App
· iTunes: Duolingo App


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