The Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in Madrid

The concept of Middle Eastern cuisine can be as ambiguous as talking about Caribbean cuisine or Mediterranean cuisine. There are shared traits, products and techniques, and in the eyes of the general public it may seem like one gastronomy, but each Middle Eastern region creates it in its own distinctive way – although all regions produce food that we think is delicious!

And Madrid is full of places to enjoy tasty Middle Eastern food. Not sure if you’ll like it? The best thing in any case is always to go and try and see if it’s your thing, so in this post we’re going to bring you some of the most popular Middle Eastern restaurants in the city: Lebanese, Persian, Jordanian and more.


Great food, attentive service and a cozy atmosphere. It is the best way to summarize an experience at Beytna, a restaurant that is specialized in Jordanian food. They are located in the quiet residential area of ​​Arturo Soria. The space is divided into three different but equally welcoming areas. At the entrance, its quiet and relaxing terrace, is perfect for summertime. Inside, you’ll find the elegant and extensive dining room and the private wine cellar – decorated in a traditional style.

In Beytna’s menu we find traditional Jordanian dishes, the kind that grandmothers cook with old recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. It’s full of delicious creations with fresh and quality ingredients that we love, like Hummus, Tabbouleh, Mutabbal, Falafel or fried Kubbeh. Don’t forget to order some of the best seller: the Tajín de Kofta. It is a dish based on minced lamb meat cooked with vegetables in a clay pot sealed with pita bread. Sensational!

Calle del Moscatelar, 18



La Falafelería

La Falafeleria is about a vegetarian, fresh, bursting with flavours meal – all in one warm pita bread. They produce their own artisan fresh falafel every day. Here everything is vegetarian, following the food philosophy of its owner. But the food is also fresh and made with care, despite the frenetic pace of street food that the place offers. And it is that calm that is the authentic essence of the place. It is a bright and warm space in the heart of the Malasaña neighborhood, however the white and yellow tones, as well as the various basketry items and some antiques such as metal scales and silver vessels, transport us to some of the Mediterranean’s more exotic corners.

On the menu we find three options: the Sabij, the Falafel and the vegan Shawarma, recipes inspired by Middle Eastern street food. In the case of the Sabij, it is a pita stuffed with crunchy aubergine, hard-boiled egg, hummus and salad. The Falafel comes accompanied by pita bread, hummus and salad. And finally, the vegan Shawarma consists of a mushroom, seitan, almond and raisin shawarma with tahini and salad – all inside, of course, a pita bread. The three recipes can be customized, with many added ingredients to choose from. Don’t forget sides: each of their dishes can be accompanied by a pickled vegetable salad that you can design yourself.

Calle de Santa Barbara, 4



La Libanesa

La Libanesa restaurant is a new restaurant that offers a select variety of Lebanese specialities, full of aroma and flavour. This small but cozy restaurant is located in the heart of Madrid and will seduce you with the lesser-known wonders of the Middle East.

With top quality ingredients, among which vegetables, vegetables or white veal meat stand out, La Libanesa restaurant abandons local flavors and approaches more exotic and distant aromas. Its specialty is Lebanese dishes, such as Moutabal, couscous, shawarma and meat skewers. If you want to eat authentic Lebanese cuisine in Madrid, you should book this restaurant! You can choose a wide selection of drinks to accompany some portions or maybe even a traditional Lebanese shisha.

Calle de Jacometrezo, 15




In a cozy place in Chueca, a small, modest and very pleasant restaurant has opened, where hospitality reigns. It is the perfect place to be mesmerized by recipes that the cooks have learned from their mothers and grandmothers. It’s a kitchen that tastes like home but one beyond our borders. And all this while betting on a healthy, vegetarian, kosher and very stimulating cuisine.

At BarGanzo one finds authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, with a homely touch that makes it one of the best in the city. If there is a famous dish that has traveled the world, it is hummus. And in BarGanzo it is the king because they have up to seven different recipes to savour it in different ways.

They are also very popular for their falafel. If you want to have hummus as a single dish, you have to ask for the Sabich: a complete dish with boiled egg, fried aubergine, tomato, red onion, parsley and tahini.

Calle de Colmenares, 13



Esfahan Persian Restaurant

Persian cuisine is the speciality of this restaurant. Among the many dishes that you can taste at the Esfahan, its most famous dish, the “Bagali Polo” is a Persian-style Baked Lamb dish with green rice. It has been described as one of the best lamb dishes that you could taste in Madrid. Don’t pass on the opportunity to verify this.

Located near Plaza España, Esfahan, by the hand of its owner Farzad, this place will give your tastebuds a ride with its cuisine based on typical stews, meat and rice from the different cities of Iran. Not only that, it has a tasting menu at a very affordable price while also allowing you to try the best dishes from its extensive menu. You can pre-order the stuffed suckling lamb and the Persian stew on request.

Calle del General Aranaz, 65



It is pretty easy to find amazing options in any type of gastronomy in a city like Madrid which is so culturally diverse. From traditional to more modern infused versions of international cuisines. So, don’t sit around and wait, go out and about and treat yourself to a Middle Eastern cuisine experience in the city.

And if you fancy something a little more authentically Spanish then you can take a look at our Tapas & Restaurants Segway Tour.


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