The Best Places to have Brunch in Malasaña, Madrid

Brunch: it’s a word and an act that combines both breakfast and lunch. Unlike tapas, brunch is not a typical Spanish tradition but rather a global trend that has become very popular in Spain over the last few years.

More and more brunch spots are opening in Madrid. And while you may be in town to experience some more authentic Spanish fare, it’s still a fun and pleasing way to spend some time – especially at the weekends and perhaps alongside a smoothie (or cocktail!) after partying into the wee hours like a true madrileño.

Here’s a quick rundown of three of our favourite spots to have brunch in Madrid’s hip and historic Malasaña neighborhood.

Federal Café:

Federal Madrid - best brunches in Malasana-min

Setup by some brunch-loving Australian expats, this option is somewhat hipster but in a good way. It’s a stylish, light and airy space where you can relax and enjoy brunch classics and great coffee.

The menus is sizeable, including all the quintessentials, such as eggs benedict, as well as some very decent burgers too. Their gigantic chia pudding is a thing of local legend – and you could enjoy it in the sunshine on the terrace outside.

Federal also runs a growing number of cafes in other Spanish cities – like Barcelona (El Poblenou, Sant Antoni) and Valencia (Ciutat Vella).

Note: if you need to get a bit of work done, this is also a popular spot for digital nomads and remote workers.

Brunch Club: 

Brunch Club Madrid best brunches in Malasana-min

The most petit of the places on this list – The Brunch Club is stylish (in a wooden, minimalistic brunch-y way) but also very cute and cozy because of the smaller size.

The food is the star here though – with everything being made to a very high quality and attention to detail with the freshest ingredients. There are some top-quality croissants and natural juices, and the portion sizes are generous.  And while there is no Full English on the menu an exceptional Bacon Butty can be found.

Due to the great food and the limited capacity, this place is always busy, so get there early or try and reserve online.

  • Address: Calle del Barco, 15
    Phone: 910461934
  • Website:
  • Instagram:
  • Open for brunch: daily


While brunch has no real origins in Spain and has (until recently) been more of an Anglo-saxon and Antipodean activity – the Spanish sun, sea, sand, and laid-back lifestyle suits brunch pretty well.

Ojalá channels this on their ground floor patio, where guests are welcome to enjoy brunch and drinks on the interior sandy beach. This is a big selling point: Madrid is somewhat landlocked, so there aren’t many other places where you can have brunch or indeed any other kind of cuisine with that backdrop in town.

Atmosphere-wide this is pretty hard to beat but that’s not to say that Ojalá is falling short food-wise. Far from it: look out for their tasty tacos as well as the Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Then, wash down with one of their great cocktails and note the excellent value for money (most courses between 5 and 10 Eur).

The only word of caution here is that you might need to put up with a few Instagrammers in the background.

So if you’re in town for longer than a few days, and you’ve exhausted some of the more typical options, or if you’re simply craving brunch, then these places come highly recommended.

Oh, and a quick reminder, that in Madrid good places often get full (or ‘completo’) quickly – and even more so on Saturdays and Sundays when places can be packed and long queues can extend outside. It pays to reserve in advance when you can, which you can do using some of the numbers and websites we´ve included above.

Well, that’s brunch. But if you fancy something a little more typical (but with an atypical way of getting around) you can also check our Tapas Segway tour – or read our guide to the best tapas restaurants in La Latina, another one of Madrid’s colourful neighborhoods.

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