5 Reasons to See Madrid on a Segway


Did you know that over six million tourists visit Madrid each year? It’s little wonder why. Madrid has a mesmerizing history, some of the best food in Europe, outstanding weather, and much more. The city is large, though, and you’ll need to find a great way to get around to see it all.

This is why a segway is the perfect option! Here’s a closer look at five reasons to see Madrid on a segway. Let’s get started!

#5: A Natural Fit

Madrid is made up of a vast network of roads, alleys, and parks. Some transportation options are too large to get into all of the good spots, but Segways make it easy for you to get full access to Madrid and its treasures.

You will be able to see everything and get everywhere from atop your comfortable Segway. Whether you’re passing through the beautiful Retiro Park or enjoying delicious tapas in La Latina, your Segway is a perfect option!

Of course, it’s easy to get on and off. This gives you all the convenience and intimacy of a walking tour without the reduced speeds and physical exertion. A Segway tour in Madrid is really the natural option!

#4: A Green Way to Explore

Madrid is a vast and open city. The city council and its citizens are still working hard to fight air pollution, though, and road traffic accounts for more than 50% of NO2 emissions in the city. By taking a green transportation option like a Segway, you can help to reduce your carbon footprint and keep Madrid beautiful.

Segways reduce collective greenhouse gas output and help to cut down on the consumption of fossil fuels. They are also cheaper to use thanks to the fact they do not use gas and they are really easy to park!

#3: See the Details

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city that is steeped in rich history. The largest city in Spain, it has over 3.3 million inhabitants who live and breathe the city’s culture and personality each day.

The beauty of the city lies in its details. The shadows and colors bring the city to life and give it a unique feel whenever you come to visit. You will also relish the opportunity to explore these details up close, uncovering a culture that has Christian, Islamic, and Jewish influences.

A Segway is the perfect option to explore the winding streets of the city and uncover the secret beauty that lies between them. You can easily get on and off the Segway, empowering you to snap photos of whatever you like and explore the city in an intimate way.

#2: Enjoy the Sun

Madrid has a high average annual temperature. The summer months are particularly warm, and you’ll find that the city is often drenched in golden sunshine throughout your visit.

Reasons to see Madrid on a Segway

You’ll want to enjoy this beautiful weather as much as possible! Rather than being stuck on a stuffy metro or bus, you want to get out there and feel the sun on your skin as you explore. This is another reason that a Segway tour in Madrid is a great idea!

Even better, you’re able to enjoy the sun and beautiful views over Madrid without getting all sweaty from walking too far. You can zip through the city quickly and comfortably on a Segway.

#1: Lots of Tour Options

Perhaps best of all, there are lots of Segway tour options in Madrid. Here’s a closer look at some of the key options you will love and could explore with us.

Historical Segway Tour

If you love history, you’ll adore the opportunity to get to grips with Madrid’s downtown area. You will see its main landmarks and get to grips with the classic side of Madrid.

Royal Palace Segway Tour

This guided tour whisks participants on a beautiful journey through some of Madrid’s most iconic landmarks including the Royal Palace and the Almudena Cathedral.

Casa Campo Segway Tour

La Casa de Campo is a stunning natural park found in the western area of Madrid. This natural paradise is hidden with wonders – this segway tour will take you to see them all!

Retiro Park Segway Tour

This Segway tour will whisk you through Madrid and show you the depth of the Spanish capital. You will see key historic sights and build an impressive understanding of the city.

Tapas Segway Tour

Are you a foodie? This tour will introduce you to the mouthwatering flavors that are waiting to be discovered in Madrid. You will also see key landmarks, restaurants, and taverns.

Enjoy Your Segway Tour in Madrid

Madrid is a stunning city and a Segway gives you the perfect opportunity to explore it. We hope that you will consider a Segway tour while you’re here – feel free to check out our wide range of Segway tours in Madrid!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let us know. While you’re here, why not check out our blog where you will find additional tips and insights?

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