Top Things to Do in Casa de Campo Park


Madrid is a diverse city. The Spanish capital offers the scale and excitement of a big European hub and lots of green and open spaces. The Casa de Campo park is the largest public park in Madrid and also one of the largest in Europe – there are 1,722 beautiful hectares just waiting to be explored!

There’s a lot to do and see in the Casa de Campo, so you might feel a little lost. Here’s a closer look at the unmissable sights in the park to enjoy the perfect visit!

And while you’re here, why not consider taking a Segway tour around the Casa de Campo park to see some of these attractions and more. It’ll make it a lot easier than getting around on foot!

What Is the Casa de Campo Park?

Before we get started, here’s a quick introduction to this beautiful park (feel free to skip ahead if you don’t need an introduction).

The Casa de Campo park translates to “Country House” in English. Its name comes from the fact that it was once used as a royal hunting estate before the Spanish state donated it to the people of Madrid after the proclamation of the Second Republic in 1931.

The park has been open to the public ever since. A wide range of exciting facilities have been built, and the shape of the park was transformed during the Spanish Civil War.

Now, peace reigns throughout the park and countless people enjoy its facilities and beautiful views over the course of the year.

Where Is the Casa de Campo Park?

The Casa de Campo park is found to the west of the city. The central location of the park means that it is well connected and you’ll have no problems reaching it using public transport.

It is a very large park that you cannot miss if you look at a map! You can see the scale of it in the map below – it’s almost half the size of the city beside it!

The Top Things to Do in Casa de Campo Park

There’s lots to do and see in the Casa de Campo park – let’s take a closer look!

#7: Chill out at the lake

The park is so large that it contains a fairly sizeable lake. It is the perfect place to unwind on a warm day and cool down. There is a nice terrace here where you can find refreshments and kick back with your companions.

There’s an air of calm and tranquillity that surrounds the lake. If you want to head out onto the lake you can also rent a rowing boat for a reasonable price. You’ll find that it’s incredibly calm out there and it’s a great chance to soak in the ambiance.

Sitting at the side of the lake with a cool beer, you may feel as though you’re not in a large capital city at all!

#6: Meet the wildlife

The Casa de Campo park is home to a beautiful zoo and aquarium. You and your companions will love the opportunity to get up close to more than 6,000 animals that belong to over 500 different species.

Top attractions to see in the casa de campo park, Madrid

The facility is found right at the heart of the park so it’s easy to access and explore. If you are looking for a relaxing and fun day out, this is a great option. The shark tank and “Land of Gorillas” are particularly impressive while there is a petting zoo and a train ride that children will love.

Learn more about the Casa de Campo zoo and aquarium.

#5: Go for a wander

The Casa de Campo has countless walking trails and paths that can whisk you away on a fun and energizing adventure. You can choose to simply wander through the park or you could take a look at the various trail maps to plot your course.

The size of the park means that it’s very easy to adjust the length and difficulty of your walk according to how you feel. It’s simple to loop back around and find your way back out of the park.

There’s nothing quite like a sunny afternoon walking through the park with locals and other visitors alike! There are lots of signs on offer so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. At the end of the walk, you can head south to explore the best tapas restaurants in La Latina.

#4: Enjoy a picnic

If you want to make the most of the pleasant weather with a perfect picnic, you can’t go wrong by choosing the Casa de Campo as your location. The park is the perfect option if you want to soak up a truly peaceful and tranquil day.

Putting together a delicious picnic is simple in Spain: you will find lots of markets and shops that stock fresh ingredients that will freshen up your picnic. Don’t forget to grab some delicious olives and cold meats!

The park offers ample space to its visitors. You can rest assured that you will have your own space and that any children will have the space to run free and even play with other children at the park.

#3: Splash in the pool

Madrid can get very hot in the summer. There are a range of public pools that give you the chance to cool off, though, without worrying about sand and nasty jellyfish! (Just another reason to visit Madrid instead of Barcelona!)

There are some really great municipal pools found within the park too. You will find an impressive 50-metre pool, a 33-metre pool, and a children’s pool for the little ones. Entry to the park is relatively cheap and it can add a nice touch to your day.

There’s a bar and cafeteria on site too – perfect after you have enjoyed a splash and you want to eat or drink something refreshing!

Learn more about the Casa de Campo municipal pool.

#2: Experience the amusement park

The Casa de Campo park is very tranquil and calm but there’s also the chance for some exhilarating action at the theme park. The park (in Spanish: ‘Parque de Atracciones’) was originally opened in 1969 but a range of significant remodels have been performed over the years.

You will find lots to do within the amusement park. There are shows, restaurants, shops, and lots of rides, even water rides! “Abismo” is perhaps the largest and most extreme ride there – as well as getting the adrenaline flowing it’ll give you some incredible views over the city as you fly through the air!

Things to see and do in the casa de campo park madrid - parque de atracciones

There are also some rides for all the family. Zeppelins are particularly fun while a boat trip through the heart of the forest adds a sense of wonder to your trip. A high-quality 4D cinema is quite an exciting experience too!

Learn more about the Casa de Campo amusement park.

#1: Ride the Teleférico de Madrid

There are lots of amazing parks in the city and the Madrid cable car links the Casa de Campo with the beautiful Parque del Oeste. This means that you can get the best of both worlds and check out two stunning parks in one day!

The gondola journey is also very fun. The line was originally opened in 1969 and it offers some breathtaking views over the city. The journey from one park to the other will take around 11 minutes so you’ll have lots of time to snap some pics and soak up the view.

The prices are very reasonable for both single and return journeys, so there’s no need to worry if you have a few people in your group.

Learn more about the teleférico de Madrid.

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We hope that you have an amazing day out at the Casa de Campo park! There is an incredible amount to do in Madrid and we’re sure that you’ll have a very pleasant stay.

While you’re in the city, why not think about a Segway tour? Read our post on five reasons to see Madrid on a Segway!

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